The Case for Teaching Children How to Handle Anger

This experience not only made me thankful for the gentle but strong men (and women) in my life, but it also made me want to work as hard as possible to make sure my son grows up knowing how to handle anger, frustration, sadness, and all of his emotions in productive ways that make him a better human being.


Living with Bipolar II Disorder

There are countless stigmas and stereotypes associated with different forms of mental illness. Even after all of the research and everything we know about mental health, we still haven't come far since the days of mental asylums, shock therapy and sending those with mental disorders off to never be seen again. Thankfully, our methods of… Continue reading Living with Bipolar II Disorder

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Spreading Peace

There has been a lot of sadness these past few days. There have been terrorist attacks in multiple cities, an earthquake and other natural phenomena, as well as the countless wars that are being carried on throughout our world. A close friend of my family passed away from cancer on Saturday as well, marking a… Continue reading Spreading Peace