Fashion and Cosmetics

A New (Old) Mascara Trend

On Easter I decided to wear the Maybelline Great Lash Blue Mascara I had received complementary from Influenster (see my previous post if you're not familiar with this amazing program). As my sister stood next to me, while we were standing around devouring the delicious food my family had prepared for the occasion, she asked… Continue reading A New (Old) Mascara Trend


Living with Bipolar II Disorder

There are countless stigmas and stereotypes associated with different forms of mental illness. Even after all of the research and everything we know about mental health, we still haven't come far since the days of mental asylums, shock therapy and sending those with mental disorders off to never be seen again. Thankfully, our methods of… Continue reading Living with Bipolar II Disorder


I Don’t Always Love Being A Mom…And It’s Okay!

Not too long ago a friend of mine was pregnant. Like me, her pregnancy was unplanned, and although she was still with the father of her child, she couldn't always find joy in her situation. She was worried about not being a good mother because she hadn't necessarily planned on having this little one, and wasn't… Continue reading I Don’t Always Love Being A Mom…And It’s Okay!

Fashion and Cosmetics

My First Influenster VoxBox

About a month ago I joined Influenster, an app/website geared towards sharing, promoting, reviewing and testing products ranging from cosmetics to food. It seemed interesting, but I didn't have high hopes, to be honest. I figured I would spend a lot of time reviewing products, asking questions about products, linking my social media accounts, and… Continue reading My First Influenster VoxBox


Catching Up (& A Special Discount Code!)

I feel like I've spent most of my life trying to catch up to one thing or another. In our time and society, everyone and everything goes too fast. It's the endless "Rat Race," I suppose. Since having Landon and officially becoming an "adult" -- if I can ever ACTUALLY call myself that -- I've… Continue reading Catching Up (& A Special Discount Code!)

Healthy Living

A Little SoulCandy (Skincare)

I've been dealing with acne for just about as long as I can remember. At least since 5th or 6th grade, for sure. Just about everyone can identify with the embarrassment and discomfort acne brings, but when you have had it for your entire life, it really drags on your self-esteem as well. I've tried… Continue reading A Little SoulCandy (Skincare)


Spreading Peace Instead Of Hate

In the wake of yet another terrorist attack, I am reminded of not only where our country is headed, but where our world is headed. I am scared for our generation and even more, for my son’s generation. Why is there so much hate in the world? Is it a lack of understanding of others… Continue reading Spreading Peace Instead Of Hate


How To Get A Remote Job – Working From Home

Pretty much everyone knows I've been job searching for about a month and a half now. Things were not going well. I wasn't hearing back from 99% of the jobs I applied for, and only had two interviews in that time. I started to get desperate. But you know what? It was worth all of… Continue reading How To Get A Remote Job – Working From Home


How To Learn More Online

I've been busy lately. I started taking a few online classes that I am really excited about. I never realized how many amazing, free learning opportunities there were on the Internet until I resigned from my teaching position and had to start searching for a new career! First, I learned about It features legitimate… Continue reading How To Learn More Online


Widening My Reach and Expanding My Brand

I have been running this blog for over three years now. I absolutely love more and more every day. Writing is my form of expression. For quite a long time my posts and ability to write were almost non-existent. I worked 70+ hours a week and simply didn't have the time to write and keep… Continue reading Widening My Reach and Expanding My Brand