Healthy Living

Healthy living isn’t just about eating bland food and “exercise.” There are TONS of delicious, healthy, and easy recipes out there to start off a healthy diet, and just getting up off the couch for a few minutes a day is a start to becoming more healthy physically. I guess I went the more extreme route when I decided to change my life and become more healthy.  Within a matter of 6 months I went from eating pretty much whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, running here and there and watching a lot of Doctor Who, to becoming a vegetarian, eating as clean of a diet as possible, working out 5-6 times a week and still watching a lot of Doctor Who :).  But you can take simple steps to living a more healthy life and feeling great! This is where I will give simple tips to following a healthier lifestyle that I come across, whether it be in my reading, or something I figure out on my own. Check back often for awesome and simple tips, along with some tougher challenges!

Challenge #1

Drink ONE more glass of water every day!

Challenge #2

Walk 10 minutes extra per day. Whether that be around your living room while watching TV, around your neighborhood, or around your office building, just find 10 extra minutes per day to walk. Try it and I guarantee you will feel good about yourself!

Challenge #3

Get up and move! – Since I have started “working” from home, I am sitting in front of my computer for 90% of my day. I have to remind myself to get up and stretch or walk up and down the stairs a few times. Scientific studies have proven that 30 minutes of activity per day increase quality of life and health. So get up and move!

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