Recipe: Sourdough Discard Cheddar Crackers

INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons butter - cold/frozen 1 cup all purpose flour 3/4 cup discard sourdough starter 3/4 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese Kosher salt for sprinkling INSTRUCTIONS Preheat oven to 375F with two racks in, spaced relatively equally apart. Grate the butter. (I chopped it up in the video, but I've since discovered the joy of grating it while it's super cold or even… Continue reading Recipe: Sourdough Discard Cheddar Crackers

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Getting My Sh*t Together Challenge – Week 1 Check In – Shi*t Got Done!

So, it’s only been a week. And good habits are not established in just a week. There is still a good possibility that after doing this for a few weeks -- or even a few months to be honest -- I will lose my excitement over planning and organizing and fall off the “get my sh*t together” wagon. I don’t want to create a false sense of accomplishment for completing a week of my challenge, but I’m still pretty optimistic I’ll be able to succeed. It also helps that my daily affirmation for the month is “I believe in myself and my ability to succeed.”


Finally Getting My Sh*t Together – A Year Long Blog Series

I’m a hot mess. I have been for most of my life. I try to have my sh*t together and I’m good at making it look like I do – most of the time – but in all reality, I am struggling every day to keep up with everything going on in my life and… Continue reading Finally Getting My Sh*t Together – A Year Long Blog Series

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Best Christmas Present for Kids – Kidsport Burst GPS Watch

I struggled coming up with Christmas presents for my 7-year-old son, Landon this year. The ONLY thing he asked for was FIFA18 (a soccer video game) and the jerseys of some of his favorite soccer players. Literally all he cares about is playing soccer, watching soccer, going to soccer games, playing soccer videogames, and maybe… Continue reading Best Christmas Present for Kids – Kidsport Burst GPS Watch

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Going Gluten and Dairy Free

I recently cut gluten and dairy out of my diet. This may be a very controversial decision and there are a lot of loaded opinions for and against it, but it was a decision I made for myself, based on my own body. I am not a nutritionist or dietician or certified in anything, so… Continue reading Going Gluten and Dairy Free


Widening My Reach and Expanding My Brand

I have been running this blog for over three years now. I absolutely love more and more every day. Writing is my form of expression. For quite a long time my posts and ability to write were almost non-existent. I worked 70+ hours a week and simply didn't have the time to write and keep… Continue reading Widening My Reach and Expanding My Brand


Regarding U of L Basketball, The Scandal, The Sanctions and The Real Issue

I assume that just about everyone knows about the scandal and allegations revolving around the University of Louisville basketball team. In case you have been too busy Netflix and chilling, let me catch you up (briefly) before I state some of my opinions on the matter. A self-described "escort" named Katina Powell recently wrote and… Continue reading Regarding U of L Basketball, The Scandal, The Sanctions and The Real Issue


Learning to Love Lexington

I am a Louisvillian in heart and soul. I was born and raised in Louisville, and while I left for awhile during college, I eventually went back. Growing up, I always thought I would end up somewhere else. In fact, I didn't want to end up in Louisville. But as I got older (and had… Continue reading Learning to Love Lexington


A Gathering of Women for Peace…And My Realization

Today I attended a Women’s Interfaith Peace Discussion held by the Soka Gakkai International. The SGI is a Nichiren Buddhist organization to which I belong. About 2 years ago I began practicing Buddhism as a part of my daily life. But that is a whole other story! Back to the discussion meeting. A group of… Continue reading A Gathering of Women for Peace…And My Realization