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My Favorite Low-Fodmap Foods and Recipes

Having been living life on the Low-Fodmap diet for over six months now, I’ve started compiling a long list of some of my favorite Low-Fodmap recipes and foods. Since it’s started getting fairly long and there are some really yummy foods on the list, I thought I would share some of them with you!

So, if you have IBS, IBD, Crohn’s, Fructose Malabsorption or other digestive issues and are confined to the Low-Fodmap diet for some time, hopefully some of these recipes and food ideas will help you find a little happiness in what can seem like a daunting diet at times.


  • EGGS! – I LOVE eggs and eat them quite frequently — and not just for breakfast. One of my favorite ways to have eggs is scrambled with shredded zucchini, salt and pepper. And I always add a little low-fodmap hot sauce or salsa on it.
  • OWYN Protein Shakes – These have been lifesavers for me! I’ve been dealing with a lot of nausea lately and one of the only things getting me through is either grabbing a ready-made shake from the fridge, or whipping up a shake with the powder, some ice and almond milk.
  • Low-Fodmap Blueberry Muffins – I tried a variation of this recipe a few weeks ago and they were absolutely delicious. I’m trying to keep as much refined sugars out of my diet as possible, so I’m still perfecting the recipe, but once I have, I’ll be posting it to share! I also really enjoyed having these as a snack throughout the day, as well.
The Cold Brew Coffee flavor was my favorite when I was allowed to have coffee. But since I can’t have coffee or tea for 3 months, I’ve been drinking the chocolate!


  • Leftovers – Leftovers from dinner have been my go-to for lunch over the past few months. It’s easy, quick, and ensures I don’t waste food.
  • Sandwiches with Low-Fodmap bread – I love sandwiches. Especially when the bread is toasted. I’m not sure what it is about nicely toasted bread that makes me so happy, but it does. Anyway, if you can find a gluten-free bread that you enjoy (I REALLY love the Food For Life gluten free English muffins), toast it up and put some yummy sandwich toppings on there. I particularly enjoy tuna with a little mayo and mustard (make sure they are both low-fodmap, of course). I’ve also found that I can handle 2 slices of toasted Ezekiel bread with turkey, tomato, lettuce, bacon and mayo, and find it a nice, satisfying lunch!
  • Soup – I have had a lot of trouble finding Low-Fodmap soups, so I tend to make big batches of soup on the weekend, put it in mason jars in the fridge, then grab it and go in the mornings and heat it up for lunch. It’s perfect, especially when I’m experiencing some of my symptoms like nausea and mouth sores.


  • Lasagna Soup – I found this recipe and absolutely fell in love! I didn’t think I would like it, but I really missed having lasagna and this satisfied my cravings without too much gluten-free pasta (I prefer to have as little processed food in my life as possible) and no cheese. If you can handle lactose/cheese, then you could definitely add some to this recipe and it would be even more delicious, I’m sure!
  • Fodmapped for You Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce – I know I said I don’t like processed foods, but when I need a quick, easy meal with little clean-up, this is my go-to. These simmer sauces by Fodmapped for You have been an absolute life-saver for my busy, Low-Fodmap life. I chop up some chicken and veggies, cook them up, add the sauce, make some rice and I’m done. And my family loves it too. The Butter Chicken has been our favorite so far!
  • Chicken Fried Rice – This is a recipe I’m going to try to post in the next week or so. We have this almost once a week at our house because it’s quick and easy — are you seeing a pattern here? — and everyone LOVES it. I make it with tamari (a gluten-free soy sauce) and it’s literally the only soy I ever have in my diet, other than the occasional sushi with tamari less than once a month. I use frozen mixed veggies, chicken (sometimes I’ll do beef or shrimp), tamari, a little gochujang(make sure it doesn’t have garlic in it), a couple of eggs, and rice. It’s so incredibly easy!
Fodmapped for You Butter Chicken with some sauteed spinach on top, because I loooove spinach!


I’m a huge snacker, especially since starting this strict diet. I feel like I need to graze more for some reason. I’m still figuring out how to do this “diet”/lifestyle properly and still be healthy, so it’s taking some adjustment for me. Previously I ate a pretty paleo-ish diet, and didn’t have any refined sugars or processed foods at all. Anyway, since I can’t have as much fruit, nuts, and everything I used to snack on, I’ve had to figure out other snacks.

  • Gluten-Free Pretzels – I try not to munch on these too often, but sometimes I just want something salty and crunchy, so I’ll keep a bag of these at my desk.
  • GoMacro Bars – The Protein Replenishment bar is Low-Fodmap, and I’ve tried several others and haven’t had any issues with them. Just be careful when trying out new products!
  • Rice Cakes with Almond or Peanut Butter – I love peanut butter, but apparently almond butter is better for you, so I will typically top my rice cakes with plain, natural almond butter with no additives (like sugar). It’s a tasty, crunchy and sweet treat!
  • Blueberries or strawberries – If I need something really sweet, I’ll pop a few blueberries or strawberries. While they are lower in fructose than a lot of other fruits, still be careful about portions and figure out what works best for you!
Blueberry muffins on a white platter.
As I mentioned in the “Breakfast” section, I also enjoy having blueberry muffins for snacks as well! These were extremely tasty.

If you are new to the Low-Fodmap lifestyle, or have been living it for awhile, I hope this list can help you find some easy and/or yummy foods to incorporate. It’s not the easiest diet/lifestyle to live, but it really can make a huge difference when you struggle with IBS, IBD, Crohn’s, Fructose Malabsorption, food allergies or other digestive issues.

If you struggle with digestive issues, or live the Low-Fodmap life, what foods do you enjoy?

**This post is not sponsored and I included links for convenience. 🙂

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