GMST Challenge – Week 6: A Surprise Surgery

Well, yet again, this week didn’t go as planned. But that’s life, right?

As I’ve discussed many times, I’ve been dealing with some health/digestive issues most of my life, but especially the last six months or so. Last Wednesday I finally made it to a doctor and, to my unhappy surprise, she immediately scheduled me for a surgery on Friday. I was scared and nervous because I’ve never had surgery before, but it was an outpatient surgery and would significantly help with some major pain I’ve been dealing with for months now.

I’m not quite ready to go into the details of the surgery and what is going on because we have yet to still 100% diagnose the root of the problem. I have several more appointments with different doctors coming up and should have some pretty concrete answers soon. As soon as I do, I plan on writing about it and most likely getting back to vlogging as well.

All that matters now is that the surgery seemed to go well. I’m not in too much pain, just mostly weak and exhausted.

I cannot say enough about the people who have been there for me during this time though. My mom and Nanny have been taking me to appointments and were by my side through the surgery. They comfort me when I get in my head and start worrying about everything — as I do — and have made us meals so that we are eating! Landon has kept me smiling and has been so sweet and gentle with me. I am so lucky to have such a well-behaved kid! Patrick spent the entire weekend with me after my surgery, getting me water, food and most importantly Vernor’s ginger ale. And my nurse friends have been amazing about answering all my ridiculous questions — more of my excessive worrying.

On Wednesday I will go in for my first post-op appointment and will have to go into the doctor’s office once a week for at least three weeks after that. Hopefully in about four weeks, I’ll be feeling like my old self once again! And as soon as more tests and a concrete diagnosis comes in, I’ll talk all about that too!

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me through all of this! I cannot express my gratitude and how lucky I feel to have such wonderful, amazing people in my life!

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