Getting My Sh*t Together – Week 5: Sh*t’s Getting Real

I’ve made it to week 5! Eventually I’ll actually start posting on Sundays again, like I’m supposed to!

Although I’m still dealing with health issues and haven’t been able to journal/plan every day, I have still managed to keep up with tasks scheduled weekly and have been checking my calendar each day. Some days I feel like I’ve almost, sort of, kinda got things together. Other days I feel like my usual hot mess.

Being sick and having some other personal issues going on definitely add to those hot mess days, but no matter, I still feel like I’m at least slightly more “together” than I was before I started all of this.

I try to have my pretty purple planner with or near me as often as possible. I’ve been having to schedule quite a few doctor’s appointments and we’ve also had several birthday parties and a baby shower.

I only missed the baby shower due to Landon being asked to sub for an older soccer team — his club’s U10 futsal team to be exact, for those of you in the know. This was a really big deal for him, not only because it’s just super cool to be asked to play with an older team — he’s not even 8 yet — but also because we see it as a great opportunity for him to be pushed and challenged by older players.

Anyway, I haven’t missed ANYTHING due to forgetting or being confused about dates. And I am SO proud of myself, guys. You really have no idea. I get dates confused very easily if I don’t have a calendar in front of me, so making sure I have a calendar in front of me as much as possible has been extremely helpful. Makes sense!

As for a health update, I’ve been to the doctor a few times and have another appointment coming up on Wednesday. This is just another step closer to figure things out and starting to get better, and I am so ready for it. I have a myriad of symptoms which I believe are all linked to my digestive system, so tests are being run to figure out exactly what is going on and then how to treat that main cause. I’m not big on just treating all of the symptoms separately or using pills to mask issues, so I’m really happy that my doctor is helping me get to the root of all of this.

Once I know some more, I’ll make an update on here!

Week Five Final Thoughts: Even though I still have days where I just feel completely overwhelmed and don’t get as much done as I would like to, I can see little changes happening in my daily habits that will help me to eventually get where I’d like to be — being a boss lady, of course. Health issues might be holding me back a little right now, but once it’s all solved, I’ll be back to kicking ass again!

I leave you with a picture of a pineapple painted gold on a beach. Because it’s pretty and uplifting and stuff.


1 thought on “Getting My Sh*t Together – Week 5: Sh*t’s Getting Real”

  1. Brianna, I think you’re too hard on yourself and don’t give yourself enough credit. Everyone gets dates mixed up at times and it’s no wonder with the hectic world we live in. I think it runs in our family to feel a little guilty about so many things. I read where someone said to imagine we are one of our friends and see how many excuses we would make for them. Just the fact that you raised Landon to be such a sweet, well behaved little boy should tell you you’re doing something right! Hope you start feeling better soon!

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