Getting My Sh*t Together – Week Two Check-In: No Mental Breakdown Yet!

Two weeks down! I haven’t had a mental breakdown – yet – and I’ve been getting lots done. This week was much…lazier than the previous week. The freezing cold weather and snow, plus Landon being home for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and two snow days sort of messed up the flow I had going the previous week. I found myself moving tasks from one day to the next a lot, however I still got more done each day than I would have if I hadn’t been using my planner and checking in daily.

One thing I’ve really struggled with is the daily reflection. At the end of the day, when I should do it, I am either tired and just want to veg out and watch TV before bed, or I want to spend time with Landon and my boyfriend, Patrick if he’s over. The first week I was good about making it a priority and reflecting each day, and it really didn’t take very long, but this week I just struggled to get it done for some reason. So one of my goals for the coming week is to make sure I do the daily reflection each day, even if I only dedicate 2-3 minutes to it.

So far my thoughts on the Panda Planner are this:

  • It has made it very easy for me to check in daily and keep on a pretty good schedule
  • It has helped me have a more positive outlook each day, which is really important for me this time of year when I tend to get depressed pretty easily
  • I like the way it is laid out and organized except that I’d like more room to decorate it and make it look pretty, but that’s just me
  • It has a cute panda on the front and I LOVE pandas
  • I bought the purple one. It comes in purple. And purple is the best color of all time


Being organized is not easy for me. It’s something I always WANT but often – ahem, usually – fail to accomplish. I sometimes feel that my spirit animal is probably a chicken with it’s head cut off, but I’m hoping I can become more of a serene owl soaring through the sky. For those who know me, please try not to laugh, I know that’ll never happen. But maybe I can get somewhere in between.

So far I’ve managed to not only check my planner EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY for the last 14 days, but I’ve also written for at least 10 minutes a day for at least 11 of those days, AND done yoga every day for 12 of them! That’s a huge accomplishment for me. And it really does make me feel like I’m getting my shit together, even if only a little bit.

Also, I haven’t forgotten any important or even non-important appointments or things we have to do! This is a HUGE deal since the whole reason I made this goal was because I had a “Worst Mom Ever” moment where I messed up the date of a soccer camp Landon was SO EXCITED about and he missed it. I felt awful. It was probably my worst mom moment ever and really made me realize I needed to get my shit together for not just myself, but for Landon as well.

I really want to show Landon what hard work will do. I want him to see me as a successful, powerful woman and the only way for that to happen is for me to become successful. So I’ve got to start hustling and working hard to become this person I want to be for him and for myself.

Week Two Final Thoughts: I still love this planner and have been successful at checking in daily, but there are still some aspects of being “together” that are going to take awhile for me to fully grasp and handle like a boss. 🙂

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