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A New (Old) Mascara Trend

On Easter I decided to wear the Maybelline Great Lash Blue Mascara I had received complementary from Influenster (see my previous post if you’re not familiar with this amazing program). As my sister stood next to me, while we were standing around devouring the delicious food my family had prepared for the occasion, she asked “Are you wearing blue mascara?”


Excited, I told her all about the mascara I had gotten in my latest VoxBox and how I actually really liked the mascara. I’m extremely picky about this particular beauty product because I have very sensitive eyes and thin, yet long, eyelashes. Most mascaras seem to address length, but not volume, or are super clumpy, or just bother the crap out of my sensitive eyes! This particular Maybelline mascara DOES NOT bother my eyes, isn’t clumpy, and gives a little more volume to my sparse eyelashes. I’m slightly in love.

After I told her about it, she – in all her teenaged know-how – said that blue mascara is really “in” right now. As her much older sister, I felt a little cool for once and added that I CAN actually be on trend, even if I am a mom! Also, I’m sure I rocked some blue mascara as a child back in the 80’s as well!

So whether you’re a mother, a sister, a daughter or just a kick-ass lady, you too can rock blue mascara once again…and be on trend!

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