The Journey Forth

I am finally getting back into my blogging, my writing, my craft. And I couldn’t be more happy about it. I’ve been gone much too long and am ready to share my experiences and ideas with the world once again. I’ve changed the format of my blog and will begin to write about my journey as a human instead of just my journey to become healthy. All humans search for happiness day in and day out. I believe that is our fundamental driving force, yet so many of us seem to fall short of finding that happiness we desire. Perhaps we search too much outside of ourselves for that happiness, or perhaps we just look in the wrong places. Whatever the circumstance may be, I believe all we need to do is just choose to be happy, and we will be. When one of my students runs around the classroom, yells at other students and myself, tells me he hates me and that he’s going to “call the cops on me” (yes, I have a kindergarten student who says this), I can choose to dislike this child, become grumpy and have a horrible day, or I can smile and tell him that I love him and choose to make our day better. Usually when I choose the second option, not only do I have a better day, but my student does as well. Happiness spreads like wildfire. Choose to spread some happiness around today and see what happens.

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