Next Step: Marathon

In the months I have been absent from my blog, I have run two half marathons! My initial goal was just to finish one, but of course, once I did that, I had to have more. My first one was back in October, and I finished in 2:26:30. My second one was the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon, which followed the Triple Crown of Running (a 5k, a 10k, and a 10 miler), which I also completed. For the Derby Mini, I had a time of 2:21:51. I’m planning on running a third half marathon in October again, called the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon, and I am pretty excited about it! I have a couple of friends who plan on running it with me, which will make it even more fun! I know this is a big goal, but I would like to run this next one in just under 2 hours. I have been shaving my time off pretty steadily lately, and feel that I have the potential to do it! I will start posting again more often and talk about my training schedule and meal plans along the way.

A year from now, I have set another goal of running the full Kentucky Derby Marathon. I never thought I would be crazy enough to try this, but its looking more and more appealing to me as I move forward with my progress. I don’t know how I went from hating running a little over 2 years ago, to planning on running a full marathon next year!


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