Set Backs – Or Maybe I Should Call Them “Jump Really Far Backs”

English: Pastries in Solvang
English: Pastries in Solvang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The past few weeks I have had some really big changed occur in my life. These changes have resulted in my sucking at half-marathon training and staying on track with my healthy lifestyle. Its funny how in our society today, its so much easier to fall into bad, unhealthy habits, than to just eat what would should naturally be eating. Anyway, a little over a week ago, Landon and I moved back in with my mom. This was a big, tough decision, but I believe it will be best in the long run. So, when I say I moved in with my mom, its really more than just that…literally, there are a lot more people involved! A couple of years ago, my mom and 13-year-old sister moved in with my grandmother (Nanny) to help her out.  Then about a year ago my cousin moved into their basement. There are only 3 bedrooms and one, YES ONE, bathroom. There are now SIX of us living in this house.  Sorry mom, so so sorry!


Well, of course, all the stress and craziness has been part of what has pushed me off my track, but it doesn’t help that Nanny keeps legions of pastries and unhealthy food in the house. I’m not blaming her or taking away any of my blame for being a wuss, but its really hard to see cinnamon rolls, apple turnovers, donuts, cakes, etc, EVERY DAY, and not just break down and eat one…or five. Really, baked goods are my kryptonite. I don’t know what it is about something with white flour and refined sugar in it, but it just lures me in with its deliciousness and then makes me feel like I’m dying for 2 hours afterward! Somehow, I haven’t gained any weight back, but I’m sure its coming and in a few days or a week I will be the size of a human-sized over-ripe heirloom tomato. Not to mention, like I said about baked goods (gluten), my stomach has not been a happy camper either. I have to do something. Which brings me to this blog. I am going to start using it again how I had originally planned: 1.) to document a healthy, clean eating (vegetarian) lifestyle, and 2.) to document my half-marathon training.


From now on, I will post at LEAST twice a week again, updating on my half-marathon training and sharing more yummy clean recipes (I might even include some non-vegetarian ones for my family). I need you all to hold me accountable on this! I need to keep myself motivated and reminded that I have people watching me, so if I fail, they will see.  And I don’t like to fail.  At all.  Like, its a compulsion. I am ready to get back on track with my healthy lifestyle and run this entire half-marathon in November.


Now who wants to run with me? 🙂


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