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Lemon and Cayenne

Lemon and ground cayenne pepper in a glass of water.  Doesn’t sound very appetizing, right? Well, this was one of the new objectives of the Extreme Summer Shred this month. Every morning, we are supposed to drink a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of cayenne pepper.  I admit, I just started it this morning because I didn’t have any cayenne pepper, then once I got it, I forgot the last two mornings. But this morning, I hesitantly made my glass of water, cut a lemon and squeezed some of the juice into the glass, then added a pinch of cayenne.  As I brought the glass to my mouth I felt worry that I might throw up from the heat or disgusting taste, but surprisingly it wasn’t too bad! Supposedly cayenne is really good for helping boost your metabolism, has anti-fungal and anti-cold and flu properties, anti-inflammatory properties, helps with migraines, digestion, allergies, blood-clots and joint pain, among the many other healthy qualities it contains. Then there is the lemon, which also has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, helps with acne, has lots of Vitamin C, strengthens blood vessels, among many other properties. My favorite thing about both of these healthy add-ons to my water is that both have shown to have anti-cancer properties as well. While some or all of these properties could be argued, it doesn’t hurt at all to add a little lemon and cayenne to a morning glass of water, as it did seem to help wake me up for sure!


What do you like to put into your water to help you stay hydrated?

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