My First Try at Tofu

Another successful day!  I like taking things a day at a time, especially when times get rough, although that is not really the case at the moment.  Things are starting to slow down (relatively) in my life, with the close of the school year (work) and summer beginning soon.  My mind is now starting to free up, as well as my time.  Which means more time for exercise, and more time for cooking!  I am so excited to try out some new clean recipes that may be a little more time consuming, as well as to create some of my own for days when I need to make a quick meal.  Yesterday for lunch I had an amazing shrimp salad.  I put about 6 cooked, peeled shrimp on top of a bed of romaine with salsa and avocado.  Simple, clean, healthy and SUPER yummy.  I enjoyed it VERY much!

Let me tell you, this salad tasted as good as it looks, plus it was quick and easy for work.  Then for dinner tonight, I decided to give my first try at making tofu.  I made a crunchy tofu with baby bok choy, brown rice and grapes.  Sounds weird and I was a bit skeptical at first, but it tasted delicious!  I got the recipe from the NHerShoes Summer Shred 13, although I couldn’t find my oyster sauce and had to substitute with reduced sodium soy sauce, and it still turned out great!


I really enjoyed that meal, quite a bit and will be making it a lot more.  It also can be made with shrimp instead of tofu (and I’m sure chicken would be good too), but I wanted to try out the tofu.  I even gave some of the crispy tofu to my 3 year old son and he LOVED it, although he did eat it with some all-natural ketchup.

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